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Because the concept behind the Loyalty card is a new service. That is why for strategic reasons, we prefer to set up actions of grouping card holders for a greater echo through sale days or promotional days with our affiliated partners. Thus until the end of the CAN Cameroon 2021. Because our goal is to make the Loyalty card a product of public utility and these events will increase the awareness of the card and its number of users. This is our strategy.

What is the Promos Days ?

As we did on October 30th with Numรฉro Uno, we are doing it again for 3 Days of Madness from December 15th to 18th and this time with the participation of 25 companies that are offering you exceptional discounts during these 3 days to fill up before Christmas.


The Loyalty card has the largest network of affiliated companies to date, a total of 100. But for the Loyalty card's Promos Days campaign, we decided to activate 25 companies because our objective is to prepare the market gradually to use a loyalty card to make purchases. Note that the Loyalty card is the only loyalty card with the largest Cameroonian companies affiliated.

All about the Loyalty card

*The card used to make this animation is a prototype of the Loyalty card used during the sales at Numero Uno last October 30.*

The advantages of the loyalty card are :

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  • A price accessible to all, for 10.000F CFA you get the most prestigious loyalty card for a cost lower than those of competitors. Because we have thought of all social classes.
  • A loyalty card that can be used in various companies, even in e-commerce sites (Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, E-commerce site, Travel agency, Beauty salons, Fitness room, Auto school, Museum, Concerts, Night club...)
  • With the Loyalty card you are entitled to discounts ranging from 10 to 25% excluding sales in affiliated companies
  • You will live a unique shopping experience
  • You accumulate loyalty points with each use of the card during your purchases (These points are then converted into various types of prizes. *From 10 uses of the card you get a gift*)
  • The card is usable in 02 Cameroonian cities (Yaoundรฉ & Douala). Soon the cities of Buea, Kribi, Limbe and Bafoussam will join the game.
  • The card can be used for physical and digital services
  • Better customer care from affiliated companies
  • A coupon code for online orders
  • You will be the first to be notified of sales in partner supermarkets *Offer available from 20 February 2022 as the card is currently being implemented in supermarkets *
  • The Loyalty Card is also used in partner financial services (discount in the purchase of your VISA prepaid cards)
  • The Loyalty card accumulates the loyalty program of large commercial venues such as: gas stations and supermarkets. *Offer available from February 20, 2022 as it is currently being implemented*.
  • Free subscription to Aboutme magazine (which gives you free access to current issues of Special Muses Cameroon & Nigeria, 100% UK and future issues during the validity period of the card)
  • A concierge service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online to make your life easier and especially to ensure the customer service of the loyalty card in case of worries.
  • That's over 100 affiliated companies in various industries. *After the Loyalty Card Promos Days, we will activate all other affiliated companies. *
  • The card is valid for 12 months.
  • The card is nominative and secure thanks to the QR code system that authenticates the card user through his Loyalty ID CARD which is displayed online after scanning the QR code on the card.

The concept behind the Loyalty card is to go beyond the discounts provided when you consume goods and services. By providing you with lifestyle benefits and opportunities. Every day, our teams work to provide even more advantages to Loyalty Card owners

The Loyalty card will accompany each physical issue of Special Muses Cameroon that will be released by Aboutme mag this year end. To obtain it you must pay the sum of 10.000F CFA which will give you the right to the card and the physical issue of Special Muses Cameroon. The card is delivered 72 hours after ordering and the physical issue at its release.

For strategic reasons, until February 12, 2022, the card will only be used during various events or promotions. Such as the Loyalty Card Promos Days or the private sales organized by our partners. To create a better echo around the card. Because our goal is to make it a product of public utility.

The Loyalty card can only be used in businesses affiliated with it. An affiliated company is a company that gives benefits to Loyalty card holders. These benefits can be in different forms (discounts, private sales, exclusive offers, etc.). For example, the Numero Uno speaker is affiliated with the Loyalty card and offers a 10% discount outside of sales and 50 to 70% during private sales. On October 30th we organized the first private sale of a loyalty card in Cameroon, which was a great success. Our team works every day to negotiate exclusive advantages for the card holders. The selection criteria are :

- Quality of service or product

- Good customer experience.

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Your Loyalty card has a QR code, through which you can check your Loyalty ID CARD and also consult the list of companies

Beforehand, you must take note of the different offers

Physical companies

When purchasing in person, it is presented at the counter or at the reception desk of affiliated companies to benefit from the preferential offer for Loyalty Card owners

E-commerce sites

On the Loyalty Card is mentioned the ABOUT237 promo code that will be used for online purchases through affiliated e-commerce sites. When you order online you will add one of the codes to get the discount on your order.

Online services

Some affiliated companies distribute their services through an online service on whatsapp. For this type of company, when you make your purchase, you will take a snapshot of your Loyalty Card and send it to the service in order to benefit from the discount offered by the company

This is the Loyalty card

More than a loyalty card, the Loyalty card is the card of all advantages, inspired by the Centurion Black Card from American Express, the most prestigious bank card in the world, of which there are just 1000 holders in France.
As you know Aboutme mag is followed by the famous Nigerian businesswoman Kika Osunde nicknamed Kika Goodhair, with whom we have a special relationship because in addition to having granted an interview to the magazine for the 100% UK issue, she also granted an interview on Zoom to the Aboutme mag team. She follows and reposts our content on instagram.
Who is she ? Kika is the co-founder of Goodhair, the No. 1 African brand in the field of luxury hair extensions. Among the consumers of her brand you have celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Naomie Campbell but also first ladies of Cameroon, Congo, Rwanda, Ghana...
You will have understood that Kika Osunde is a successful businesswoman. In our investigations on who Kika Osunde really is, we discovered that she is one of the rare holders of a Centurion Black Card from American Express and curious we investigated to know exactly what this card is and from this investigation we got the idea of the Loyalty Card.

The Centurion is not just a bank card with which you can make transactions. It's a card that makes everything possible, you want to do sports in the morning with Usain Bold! It's possible! You want to have a one-on-one with a PSG player, it's possible, you want to shop in the most chic store in New York outside of opening hours, it's possible. The only limit of this card is the imagination of its holders. Of course, they are all very wealthy people.
The Centurion is the only bank card in the world for which customers do not order or request it. American Express selects its platinum customers and invites you to have it. So don't dream too much!
But you are wondering what the Loyalty card has to do with such a prestigious bank card?
First of all, we remind you that you can't withdraw money with the Loyalty card! No, you won't be able to have lunch with Charlotte Dipanda! No, you won't have a private jet at your disposal for your travels!
But the Loyalty card is based on the very idea of the American Express managers to invent a card that will make everyday life easier for its holders. It will go beyond conventional banking services to touch the pleasures of the art of living.
Yes we have thought for the release of the Special Muses Cameroon number a loyalty card that will allow you to consume more, while spending less, a loyalty card that can be used in the most chic restaurant in Douala or in the most glamorous Shopping in Yaounde, a loyalty card that allows you to save money to accumulate loyalty points to get gifts from brands. A loyalty card that allows you to join private clubs, a loyalty card that will allow you to attend concerts for a preferential rate. A card that puts you at the forefront, that will make your daily life easier, a card that will make you feel like you have a centurion in your pocket because we will work every day to do more for Loyalty card holders. That's the story behind our loyalty card.

We have chosen and negotiated for you unique preferential offers and a better customer experience

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The release of the Special Muses Cameroon issue concludes an intense year for Aboutme mag, positioning it as the most anticipated issue in Cameroon with a communication that has already lasted 8 months. The Special Muses Cameroon is an issue that will highlight young web influencers with the aim of providing companies with a decision support tool for a better application of influence marketing 2.0. It will see the presence of celebrities such as : Indira, Syndy Emade, Stanley Enow, Celine Fotso and many others but especially it is by its technical contribution that it will make all the difference because thanks to this issue you will know what is the influence marketing 2.0 and its implementation for the growth of a business on Instagram. But more than that in this issue we will reveal the implementation strategy that made Aboutme magazine the most influential African magazine and allowed us to enter the Nigerian market which happens to be the most prolific market in Africa and the most difficult to penetrate.

Because the Loyalty card was originally designed to accompany the Special Muses issue, we are making you an exceptional offer. A Loyalty card ordered is a Special Muses Cameroon issue offered at its release. Limited time offer, don't miss this opportunity !